A visual summary of how we handled our brand
Rough Rat

What we’re doing differently with the brand

I’ve already touched on the failures of our brand in a previous post. We haven’t given up on our brand. There are a lot of fuck ups. After writing that initial post I gave myself some time to think about how I wanted to go forward with the brand and decided that tackling each thing on the list was probably a good start. I haven’t gotten through the whole list yet but I have made some decent enough progress that I think it’s worth sharing.


So what are we doing differently now?



1) Actually having a backlog of content (kinda)



One of the biggest problems we had right off the bat was that we didn’t have much to share. We didn’t have much to say. We just had all these social media platforms we weren’t really utilizing because we hadn’t thought to make content ahead of time. Taking the time to create content special finally geared towards sharing it rather than selling it has been a great chance for us to try out new things as creators and in hindsight we should’ve adopted this mindset from day one. We have time set aside to create and we create with the intention of sharing it regardless of how good it is.


I think the key thing with this is that when we make content we aren’t paralyzed with fear over how good it is. We’re treating it as a process. Not every post or blog will be award winning. That’s cool.


2) Having some semblance of a business plan


This one was probably the hardest to wrap our heads around. Even now I don’t know if what we have on paper qualifies as a business plan but it’s better than nothing. We still adhere to our policy of making dope shit for cash but we’ve filled in the gaps a little bit and given ourselves some guidelines. Now we have a wee piece of paper we can pull out and look at when we feel a bit lost. We have an idea of our target audience, we have an idea of our brand image and mentality and we have some structure to how to run things now.


3) No real hustle from our part of things


We launched, posted once or twice and then put our heads in the sand and called it a day. Now we try to actively engage with our followers, engage with other creators online or in person when we can and more importantly we let people know what we’re about and what we have to offer. We’re also busting our balls in terms of creating. We both bounce of one another and challenge each other to do better as well as take on personal challenges. We’re making a point to keep out of our comfort zones with this and keep things rolling.


4) We’re trying not to be lazy fucks


Following on from the last point we’re basically trying to push ourselves. Getting into the habit of making stuff even when I’m tired or just not feeling it has been hard but worth it. If the creative juices aren’t flowing I just work on the basics of my art. If I don’t think I can draw, I’ll write or list out some ideas to try out. When I can’t network I’ll tweet to someone and see if they’re down to drop me some knowledge. It all comes down to making the most of my time and working towards the goals we set.


5) We have a digital Home-base in our blog/website


This was one of the no brainers I really kick myself in the arse for not implementing sooner. I thought about launching a blog when we first started up but bailed on it last minute. I can’t even remember why. Having a website where we can have everything in one place was just the right move for us as creators. We have our social media all plugged in, our designs and store previews all set up, everything’s there. You don’t have to look about for each individual profile or scroll about our store for whatever you’re looking for. It’s all there. Ideally we update the blog weekly and whatever we post to our insta and twitter ends up here too. Having a central hub just keeps us a little more grounded and helps folk find us easier.

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