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Print-on-demand: why we went with third party printing

Our store operates through spreadshirt and all our designs are sold print-on-demand. While other brands go the whole hog we opted to instead operate this way and have a purely online presence and sell through a third party printer and shipper. With this in mind, it’s the ideal set up for us. Print-on-demand offers us freedoms that we wouldn’t have if we we involved in every aspect of the store. Below are just a few reasons why print on demand works for us.


We don’t have to invest heavily in manufacturing, storage or delivery


If we were in charge of everything then we would be responsible for printing, storing and mailing every order we got. That demands significant monetary investment that we simply don’t have.

When we started the brand we wanted to spend as little as possible. Since we didn’t have much money this was necessary. Also, we wanted to focus on the design aspect more than anything else. Print-on-demand is just a good stop gap for us. We do the design and someone else does the shipping and printing.

If we had to spend more time managing inventory or sorting out invoices for orders or whatever else then we wouldn’t be able to focus on the aspects of the brand that we’re passionate about. Print-on-demand affords us the freedom to focus on what we’re interested in, namely design and marketing.


Print-on-demand gives us time to pursue other projects


One of the biggest bonuses print-on-demand offers us is more time. The store itself is passive income and everything is managed by a third party so we can focus more on our own individual projects. This is ideal given Sam is a full time student and I’m currently living in Asia. We can do our own thing and still work on the brand at our own leisure.  I’m also given the time to pursue other projects regarding my art and creative pursuits. It’s grand.


When we started the brand it was a way to push ourselves and give us the drive to keep creating and growing.If we started the brand via traditional methods we would have ended up having to sacrifice the time we dedicate to learning and growing to more business centered aspects of the store that neither of us have any real interest in. Print-on-demand takes care of all of that for us and allows us the freedom to work on our own individual art pursuits.


In all honesty, we don’t have the resources, time or knowledge to run every aspect of a small business


Lastly, we are not equipped to manage every aspect of a business. There’s still a lot we don’t know about the accounting side, or the logistics that comes with deliveries. We just like to draw stuff and make dope shit. Print-on-demand gives us exactly what it needs. All our designs are printed and delivered by a third party. All payments are processed via their site and we get our cut. Our brand is a passion project. It’s not supposed to keep us clothed and fed. It’s supposed to get us beer money. Print-on-demand takes over the aspects of business that we aren’t able to manage and lets us get on with what we do know.


For us print on demand essentially lets us operate and manage our brand the way we want without being bogged down in the business or admin side of things. We can create, design and operate without worrying about money and we get to grow as creators. It’s win win.



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