About me

“You’re a disappointment.”

                                         – Dad


I’m Dan, I write and do some of the art on this blog. I write blogs for shits and giggles, draw for shits and giggles and teach overseas because I have no real career paths. At the start of 2018 I started a small online shop with my younger brother called Rough Rat Apparel. Since opening we have sold just under 12 shirts. Wow. We made $100 in 8 months. We suck at this apparently. Having said that we’re not stopping and we’re doing our best to use this small brand as a chance to learn, grow and better ourselves as creatives.


The Rough Life Blog is my own little passion project to share my work, thoughts and passions with the rest of the world. It’s where I show my learning process and try my best at making my minuscule brand something a bit bigger. The Rough Life is essentially my digital home base, everything comes through here before I post it anywhere else for the most part.


I’m passionate about what I do and what I make. I enjoy getting to see how people respond to my work and when they tell me what they think. Being able to connect with people through a mutual love of design and art has been one of the coolest experiences I’ve got to have since launching the brand. This blog is just the focal point for all these experiences to be shared with the reader.


If you’re interested in watching me stumble around trying to figure out how branding, marketing and digital design works then this blog will be worth reading.